International Women’s Day- A Letter to Eden Sue

To My Dear Eden Sue, My Daughter,

Since today is International Women’s Day it seems just right, that I write this letter to one of the most important females in my life. Eden Sue, not even two and your the most inspirational woman I know. Ok you may still “just” be a strong, compassionate and unique little girl, but one one day you will be a woman, and as your mother I hope that you will forever to continue to inspire those around you.

Being your mother is the greatest and most rewarding thing to ever happen to me, but it also fills me with great responsibility for everything that I want you to know about the world. Whilst your stubbornness and determination (which often follows adventure), can leave me feeling pooped, I am also able to see a girl who is going to grow up to be an incredible, strong woman.

Since having a daughter, I think about what the future holds for you. There are so many things I worry about and so many things I want you to avoid. But above all, there are so many things that I wish for you.

I just always want you to remember that you just always need to do what makes YOU happy; find the joy in little things – like sunny afternoons with friends, and rainy day cuddles with me; I wish for good days when everything goes your way, but for those days when things are tough, that you always have someone to make you feel better and not to become consumed with negative people.

I hope you will continue to be the kind-hearted person you are, and know that being kind is always better than being ‘popular’; I wish for you to know how unbelievably beautiful you are, and that beauty has nothing to do with the way you look or your size (except the size of your heart). Beauty is whatever YOU want it to be, don’t be too consumed with what people tell you it is. Forget the labels. Be it the ones on your clothes or the ones people put on you, they don’t matter.

I wish you never take things for granted; that you make a difference in the world, leaving it a better place than when you entered it; I wish you always be kind, to rise above pettiness and forgive your enemies (nothing will bother them more) and forgiveness will set you free.

Believe in miracles; for you are one yourself.

Do not worry if you ever feel underestimated as a woman, that is their mistake; always strive to succeed, but never feel like a failure for giving up on something- it doesn’t make you a quitter. Sometimes walking away from something can be the most courageous thing you do.

Ultimately, as a woman, as your mother, I just hope when you grow up that I have raised you with such confidence, intelligence and empathy that you become a strong, independent woman.

And whilst I consider myself to be a courageous and determined person, Eden Sue you will be more than what I will ever be. Always wear that cheeky grin and be silly. Keep climbing those mountains to where you want to go in life. Stand tall, i’ll be right behind you.


Love, Mammy xxxx


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